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The Bluebloods 2022 NEC All-Conference Team

The Bluebloods 2022 NEC All-Conference Team is officially here. The 57-player NEC All-Conference team has a representative from each school in the conference. Saint Francis leads the conference with 14 All-Conference selections, while Sacred Heart has the second most selections with 10 All-Conference selections.

2022 NEC All-Conference Team

Offensive Player of the Year: Cole Doyle (Saint Francis; QB)

Defensive Player of the Year: Todd Hill (Duquesne; LB)

1st Team Offense:

QB: Cole Doyle (Saint Francis; So.)

RB: Malik Grant (Sacred Heart; Sr.)

RB: Nasir Smith (Central Connecticut State; Sr.)

WR: Makai Jackson (Saint Francis; Fr.)

WR: Dwayne Menders (Duquesne; Sr.)

WR: Elijah Sarratt (Saint Francis; Fr.)

TE: Owen Glascoe (Long Island; Jr.)

OL: Vincent Lumia (Duquesne; Jr.)

OL: Bailey Iboleon (Saint Francis; Jr.)

OL: David Satkowski (Stonehill; Sr.)

OL: Jon Mucciolo (Sacred Heart; Sr.)

OL: Seth Osborne (Saint Francis; Jr.)

1st Team Defense:

DL: Eric O’Neill (Long Island; Fr.)

DL: Titus Leo (Wagner; Gr.)

DL: Donnell Brown (Saint Francis; So.)

DL: Sebastian Brown (Saint Francis; So.)

LB: Todd Hill (Duquesne; Jr.)

LB: Chizurum Umunakwe (Central Connecticut State; Sr.)

LB: Rodney Samson (Merrimack; Gr.)

LB: Willie O’Hara (Saint Francis; Sr.)

DB: Victor Nelson Jr. (Long Island; So.)

DB: Gary Rosemond Jr. (Merrimack; So.)

DB: Gregory Reddick (Saint Francis; So.)

DB: Travell Cook (Saint Francis; Jr.)

DB: Arsheen Jiles (Sacred Heart; Jr.)

1st Team Special Teams:

K: Alex Schmoke (Saint Francis; So.)

P: Cole Peterson (Merrimack; So.)

RS: Rob DiNota (Sacred Heart; Gr.)


2nd Team Offense:

QB: Luca Stanzani (Long Island; Fr.)

RB: Jermaine Corbett (Stonehill; Jr.)

RB: Victor Dawson (Merrimack; Fr.)

WR: Naiem Simmons (Wagner; Jr.)

WR: Abdul Janneh (Duquesne; So.)

WR: Kenneth Womack (Sacred Heart; Jr.)

TE: Pat Conroy (Merrimack; Jr.)

OL: Antonio Derry (Merrimack; Jr.)

OL: Tre’Quan Dorsey (Saint Francis; Sr.)

OL: Tedi Kushi (Long Island; So.)

OL: Mason Schloop (Central Connecticut State; So.)

OL: Craig Wood (Central Connecticut State; Sr.)

2nd Team Defense:

DL: James Nyamwaya (Merrimack; Sr.)

DL: Brandon Roberts (Merrimack; So.)

DL: Carson Primrose (Sacred Heart; Jr.)

DL: Kevin Peprah (Sacred Heart; Gr.)

LB: Marcel Mami (Saint Francis; Fr.)

LB: Marje Mulumba (Stonehill; Jr.)

LB: DeAndre Byrd (Sacred Heart; Gr.)

LB: Ernest Howard (Sacred Heart; Jr.)

LB: Myles Taylor (Merrimack; Jr.)

DB: John Wood (Sacred Heart; Jr.)

DB: Al-Ma’Hi Ali (Saint Francis; Fr.)

DB: Jahlil Brown (Central Connecticut State; Sr.)

DB: Jonathan Cabral-Martin (Central Connecticut State; So.)

DB: Jeremiah Josephs (Duquesne; Jr.)

2nd Team Special Teams:

K: Perry Shelbred (Stonehill; Jr.)

P: Will Lynch (Long Island; Fr.)

RS: Rodney Samson (Merrimack; Gr.)

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