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The Bluebloods 2023 Preseason Patriot League All-Conference Team

The Bluebloods 2023 Preseason Patriot League All-Conference Team is officially here. 

The Patriot League All-Conference team of 61 players represents all seven teams in the conference. Fordham and Holy Cross lead the conference with 14 all-conference selections each. Georgetown had the second-most selections with eight All-Conference selections.

2023 Preseason Patriot League All-Conference Team

First Team Offense:

QB: Matthew Sluka (Holy Cross)

RB: Julius Loughridge (Fordham)

RB: Jordan Fuller (Holy Cross)

RB: Rushawn Baker (Bucknell)

WR: MJ Wright (Fordham)

WR: Jalen Coker (Holy Cross)

WR: Mekai Felton (Fordham)

TE: Mason Gilbert (Lafayette)

OL: Luke Newman (Holy Cross)

OL: Bardhyl Gashi (Colgate)

OL: C.J. Hanson (Holy Cross)

OL: Lucas Portes (Fordham)

OL: Eric Schon (Holy Cross)

First Team Defense:

DL: Mateen Ibirogba (Georgetown)

DL: Alfonzo Dixon IV (Fordham)

DL: Ibri Harrell (Georgetown)

DL: Tyler Alston (Bucknell)

LB: Jacob Dobbs (Holy Cross)

LB: James Conway (Fordham)

LB: Mike DeNucci (Lehigh)

LB: Marco Olivas (Lafayette)

DB: Devin Haskins (Holy Cross)

DB: Saiku White (Lafayette)

DB: Wedner Cadet (Georgetown)

DB: A.T. Ntantang (Lafayette)

DB: Stephen Williams II (Fordham)

DB: Alex Smith Jr. (Bucknell)

First Team Special Teams:

K: Brandon Peskin (Fordham)

P: Will Hasklett (Fordham)

RS: Mason Gudger (Georgetown)


Second Team Offense:

QB: Michael Brescia (Colgate)

RB: Gaige Garcia (Lehigh)

RB: Jaedon Henry (Colgate)

WR: Geoffrey Jamiel (Lehigh)

WR: Justin Shorter (Holy Cross)

WR: Eric Johnson (Lehigh)

TE: Sean Morris (Holy Cross)

OL: Ethan Pitzel (Bucknell)

OL: Talati Polamalu (Georgetown)

OL: Ryan Joyce (Fordham)

OL: Langston Jones (Lehigh)

OL: David Evbomenya (Fordham)

OL: Pat McMurtrie (Holy Cross)

Second Team Defense:

DL: Matt Jaworski (Fordham)

DL: Will Ohler (Bucknell)

DL: Sam Buerkle (Fordham)

DL: VeRon Garrison (Georgetown)

LB: Tyler Flick (Colgate)

LB: Blake Leake (Bucknell)

LB: Preston Forney (Lafayette)

LB: Christian Sweeney (Colgate)

LB: Dante Bolden (Holy Cross)

DB: Alex Kemper (Fordham)

DB: David Ealey III (Georgetown)

DB: Gabe DuBois (Lafayette)

DB: Ethan Robinson (Bucknell)

DB: Owen Goss (Colgate)

DB: Jon Wood (Holy Cross)

Second Team Special Teams:

K: Patrick Ryan (Georgetown)

P: Shelby Pruett (Colgate)

RS: Justin Shorter (Holy Cross)

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