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The Bluebloods 2023 Preseason NEC All-Conference Team

The Bluebloods 2023 Preseason NEC All-Conference Team is officially here. 

The NEC All-Conference team of 60 players represents all eight teams in the conference. Merrimack leads the conference with 13 all-conference selections, including six first-team selections. Long Island had the second-most selections with 12 All-Conference selections.

2023 Preseason NEC All-Conference Team

First Team Offense:

QB: Cole Doyle (Saint Francis)

RB: Malik Grant (Sacred Heart)

RB: Jermaine Corbett (Stonehill)

RB: QuaSean Holmes (Saint Francis)

WR: Michael Love (Long Island)

WR: Dawson Snyder (Saint Francis)

WR: Davon Wells (Long Island)

TE: Owen Glascoe (Long Island)

OL: Bailey Iboleon (Saint Francis)

OL: David Satkowski (Stonehill)

OL: Seth Osborne (Saint Francis)

OL: Antonio Derry (Merrimack)

OL: Mason Schloop (Central Connecticut State)

First Team Defense:

DL: Eric O’Neill (Long Island)

DL: Brandon Roberts (Merrimack)

DL: Carson Primrose (Sacred Heart)

DL: Shayne Manson (Central Connecticut State)

LB: DeAndre Byrd (Sacred Heart)

LB: Luquay Washington (Central Connecticut State)

LB: Ernest Howard (Sacred Heart)

LB: Myles Taylor (Merrimack)

DB: Arsheen Jiles (Sacred Heart)

DB: Garry Rosemond Jr. (Merrimack)

DB: Kerry Galloway (Saint Francis)

DB: Larry Elder (Long Island)

DB: Donte Williams (Merrimack)

First Team Special Teams:

K: Michael Coney (Long Island)

P: Cole Peterson (Saint Francis)

RS: Davon Wells (Long Island)


Second Team Offense:

QB: Luca Stanzani (Long Island)

RB: Tyvon Edmonds Jr. (Merrimack)

RB: Pat Bowen (Long Island)

RB: Tom Comella (Stonehill)

WR: Joey Isabella (Duquesne)

WR: Isiah Williams (Central Connecticut State)

WR: LJ Haskett (Sacred Heart)

TE: Pat Conroy (Merrimack)

OL: Michael Dorundo (Duquesne)

OL: Cole Graham (Saint Francis)

OL: Donnie Hardin (Long Island)

OL: Reis Spicer (Central Connecticut State)

OL: Nick Reimer (Merrimack)

Second Team Defense:

DL: A.J. Ackerman (Duquesne)

DL: Jordan Riggs (Merrimack)

DL: Kevin Kurzinger (Duquesne)

DL: Tyreke Brown (Sacred Heart)

DL: Nicholas Lenon (Merrimack)

LB: Sam Murphy (Stonehill)

LB: John Gioia (Wagner)

LB: Myles Taylor (Merrimack)

LB: Shane Stump (Duquesne)

DB: Marques Mason (Sacred Heart)

DB: Rudy Silvera (Long Island)

DB: Ayden Garnes (Duquesne)

DB: Christian Davis (Wagner)

DB: CJ Barnes (Duquesne)

DB: Darion McKenzie (Merrimack)

Second Team Special Teams:

K: Sam Renzi (Sacred Heart)

P: Will Lynch (Long Island)

RS: Casey McKinney (Saint Francis)

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