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The Bluebloods 2023 Preseason Ivy League All-Conference Team

The Bluebloods 2023 Preseason Ivy League All-Conference Team is officially here. 

The Ivy League All-Conference team of 58 players represents all eight teams in the conference. Yale leads the conference with 15 all-conference selections, including nine first-team selections. Harvard and Penn have the second-most selections with nine All-Conference selections each.

2023 Preseason Ivy League All-Conference Team

First Team Offense:

QB: Blake Stenstrom (Princeton)

QB: Nolan Grooms (Yale)

RB: Joshua Pitsenberger (Yale)

RB: Tre Peterson (Yale)

WR: Bryson Canty (Columbia)

WR: Wes Rockett (Brown)

WR: Mason Tipton (Yale)

TE: Tyler Neville (Harvard)

OL: Kiran Amegadjie (Yale)

OL: Jalen Travis (Princeton)

OL: Austin Gentle (Harvard)

OL: Micah Sahakian (Cornell)

OL: Jacob Rizy (Harvard)

First Team Defense:

DL: Thor Griffith (Harvard)

DL: Clay Patterson (Yale)

DL: Justin Townsend (Columbia)

DL: Nate Leskovec (Harvard)

LB: Liam Johnson (Princeton)

LB: Macklin Ayers (Dartmouth)

LB: Hamilton Moore (Yale)

LB: Ozzie Nicholas (Princeton)

DB: Wande Owens (Yale)

DB: Kendren Smith (Penn)

DB: Paul Lewis III (Cornell)

DB: Jaden Key (Penn)

DB: Quinten Arello (Dartmouth)

First Team Special Teams:

K: Jack Bosman (Yale)

P: Sebastien Tasko (Harvard)

RS: Julian Stokes (Penn)


Second Team Offense:

QB: Jameson Wang (Cornell)

RB: Joey Giorgi (Columbia)

RB: Q Jones (Dartmouth)

WR: David Pantelis (Yale)

WR: Joshua Casilli (Penn)

WR: Ledger Hatch (Harvard)

TE: Matt Robbert (Cornell)

OL: Jonathan Mendoza (Yale)

OL: Jake Ligos (Penn)

OL: Jack Karhu (Yale)

OL: Nicholas Schwitzgebel (Dartmouth)

OL: Jackson Bradley (Cornell)

Second Team Defense:

DL: Tyler Huenemann (Harvard)

DL: Jonathan Melvin (Penn)

DL: Charles Looes (Dartmouth)

DL: Joey Slackman (Penn)

LB: Jake Stebbins (Cornell)

LB: Matt Hudson (Harvard)

LB: Jack Fairman (Penn)

LB: Joseph Vaughn (Yale)

LB: Will Perez (Princeton)

DB: Cooper DeVeau (Brown)

DB: Sean Williams (Dartmouth)

DB: Isaiah Reed (Brown)

DB: Jalen Newman (Princeton)

DB: Sean Guyton (Yale)

Second Team Special Teams:

K: Graham Gotlieb (Penn)

P: Jack Bosman (Yale)

RS: Wes Rockett (Brown)

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