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The Bluebloods 2022 MEAC All-Conference Team

The Bluebloods 2022 MEAC All-Conference Team is officially here. The 56-player MEAC All-Conference team has a representative from each school in the conference. North Carolina Central and Howard lead the conference with 14 All-Conference selections each, while South Carolina State has the second most selections with 10 All-Conference selections.

2022 MEAC All-Conference Team

Offensive Player of the Year: Davius Richard (North Carolina Central; QB)

Defensive Player of the Year: BJ Davis (South Carolina State; LB)

1st Team Offense:

QB: Davius Richard (North Carolina Central; Jr.)

RB: Alfonzo Graham (Morgan State; Sr.)

RB: Latrell Collier (North Carolina Central; Jr.)

WR: Shaquan Davis (South Carolina State; Jr.)

WR: Antoine Murray (Howard; Gr.)

WR: EJ Hicks (North Carolina Central; Sr.)

TE: Brennan Brown (Howard; Sr.)

OL: Darius Fox (Howard; So.)

OL: Corey Bullock (North Carolina Central; Jr.)

OL: Anim Dankwah (Howard; Sr.)

OL: Robert Mitchell (North Carolina Central; Sr.)

OL: Nick Taiste (South Carolina State; So.)

1st Team Defense:

DL: Patrick Godbolt (South Carolina State; Jr.)

DL: Elijah Williams (Morgan State; So.)

DL: Isaiah Williams (Delaware State; Sr.)

DL: Jevin Jackson (Howard; Gr.)

LB: BJ Davis (South Carolina State; Jr.)

LB: Tyler Long (Norfolk State; Jr.)

LB: Lawrence Richardson (Morgan State; Jr.)

LB: Brooks Parker (Delaware State; Sr.)

DB: Kenny Gallop (Howard; Jr.)

DB: Khalil Baker (North Carolina Central; Jr.)

DB: Jae’Veyon Morton (Morgan State; Sr.)

DB: Manny Smith (North Carolina Central; Jr.)

DB: Romell Harris-Freeman (Delaware State; Jr.)

1st Team Special Teams:

K: Adrian Olivo (North Carolina Central; Jr.)

P: Matt Noll (Delaware State; So.)

RS: Keith Jenkins Jr. (Morgan State; Fr.)


2nd Team Offense:

QB: Quinton Williams (Howard; Sr.)

RB: Jarrett Hunter (Howard; Jr.)

RB: Marquis Gillis (Delaware State; Fr.)

WR: Devin Smith (North Carolina Central; So.)

WR: Da’Quan Felton (Norfolk State; So.)

WR: Jerrish Halsey (Delaware State; Sr.)

TE: Tyler Barnes (North Carolina Central; Sr.)

OL: Torricelli Simpkins III (North Carolina Central; So.)

OL: Deshawn Ingram (Howard; Sr.)

OL: Isaiah Cook (Delaware State; So.)

OL: Jack Forsyth (Howard; So.)

OL: Da’Quan Thomas (North Carolina Central; So.)

2nd Team Defense:

DL: Marcus Brown (Howard; Jr.)

DL: Jared Kirksey (South Carolina State; So.)

DL: Darrian Brokenburr (Howard; Sr.)

DL: Jaden Taylor (North Carolina Central; So.)

LB: Aaron Smith (South Carolina State; So.)

LB: Marquis Hall (Norfolk State; Sr.)

LB: Jaki Brevard (North Carolina Central; So.)

LB: Maurio Goings (Delaware State; So.)

DB: R.J. Coles (Norfolk State; Jr.)

DB: Zion Keith (South Carolina State; Gr.)

DB: Carlvainsky Decius (Morgan State; So.)

DB: Duane Nichols (South Carolina State; Gr.)

DB: Robert Jones III (Howard; So.)

2nd Team Special Teams:

K: Gavyn Zimmerman (South Carolina State; So.)

P: Dyson Roberts (South Carolina State; So.)

RS: Ian Wheeler (Howard; Sr.)

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