North Carolina Central QB Davius Richard (Zach McKinnell, The Bluebloods)

North Carolina Central QB Davius Richard (Zach McKinnell, The Bluebloods)

FCS Football: Highest Graded HBCU Players In 2022

We utilized the Pro Football Focus database and grading system to take a look at some of the top performers in HBCU football across FCS football in the 2022 season. 

Each player’s PFF Grade represents their overall grade for the entire 2022 season. Only players who played 20% of the minimum number of snaps at each position were considered for the rankings below.


1. Davius Richard (North Carolina Central; 90.9 PFF Grade)

2. Shedeur Sanders (Jackson State; 82.8 PFF Grade)

3. Quinton Williams (Howard; 76.7 PFF Grade)

4. Jeremy Moussa (Florida A&M; 75.2 PFF Grade)

5. Aaron Allen (Alcorn State; 72.6 PFF Grade)

Running Back:

1. Bhayshul Tuten (North Carolina A&T; 89.3 PFF Grade)

2. Maurice Washington (Grambling State; 87.3 PFF Grade)

3. Kayvon Britten (Arkansas Pine-Bluff; 84.2 PFF Grade)

4. Jarrett Hunter (Howard; 84.0 PFF Grade)

5. Devon Starling (Tennessee State; 81.8 PFF Grade)

Wide Receiver/Tight End:

1. Xavier Smith (Florida A&M; 86.8 PFF Grade)

2. Zachary Leslie (North Carolina A&T; 79.6 PFF Grade)

3. Da’Quan Felton (Norfolk State; 78.3 PFF Grade)

4. Tremayne Talbert (Norfolk State; 76.7 PFF Grade)

5. Jadakis Bonds (Hampton; 75.5 PFF Grade)

Offensive Tackle:

1. Devin Hayes (Jackson State; 76.6 PFF Grade)

2. Corey Bullock (North Carolina Central; 71.5 PFF Grade)

3. Cameron Covin (Florida A&M; 70.6 PFF Grade)

4. Willis Patrick (Jackson State; 69.2 PFF Grade)

5. Carson Vinson (Alabama A&M; 66.5 PFF Grade)

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Interior Offensive Lineman:

1. Cesar Minarro (North Carolina A&T; 72.2 PFF Grade)

2. Dacquari Wilson (North Carolina A&T; 71.8 PFF Grade)

3. Lawrence Lagrone (North Carolina A&T; 71.6 PFF Grade)

4. Robert Mitchell (North Carolina Central; 71.3 PFF Grade)

5. Deshawn Ingram (Howard; 70.5 PFF Grade)

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Defensive Tackle:

1. Troy James (Prairie View A&M; 87.2 PFF Grade)

2. Jeremiah Williams (Jackson State; 82.9 PFF Grade)

3. Camron Peterson (Southern; 81.6 PFF Grade)

4. Jalen Bell (Mississippi Valley State; 80.0 PFF Grade)

5. Jason Dumas (Southern; 79.0 PFF Grade)

Defensive End/EDGE:

1. Jordan Lewis (Southern; 89.9 PFF Grade)

T-2. Elijah Williams (Morgan State; 89.0 PFF Grade)

T-2. Keshaun Moore (Hampton; 89.0 PFF Grade)

4. Sundiata Anderson (Grambling State; 85.0 PFF Grade)

5. Devan Hebron (Morgan State; 82.1 PFF Grade)


1. Aubrey Miller Jr. (Jackson State; 84.9 PFF Grade)

2. Maurio Goings (Delaware State; 83.6 PFF Grade)

3. Brooks Parker (Delaware State; 83.4 PFF Grade)

4. Lewis Matthews (Grambling State; 82.4 PFF Grade)

5. Joshua Reed (Grambling State; 80.1 PFF Grade)

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1. Carlvainsky Decius (Morgan State; 88.8 PFF Grade)

2. Travis Hunter (Jackson State; 83.9 PFF Grade)

3. Kriston Davis (Southern; 82.1 PFF Grade)

4. Gerald Smith (Prairie View A&M; 82.0 PFF Grade)

5. Joseph Stuckey (North Carolina A&T; 81.7 PFF Grade)

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1. John Huggins (Jackson State; 87.2 PFF Grade)

2. Irshaad Davis (Alabama State; 85.3 PFF Grade)

3. David Laney (North Carolina A&T; 84.5 PFF Grade)

4. Uriah Ratliff (Bethune-Cookman; 80.8 PFF Grade)

5. Javan Morgan (Florida A&M; 80.7 PFF Grade)

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