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The Bluebloods 2023 Preseason MVFC All-Conference Team

The Bluebloods 2023 Preseason MVFC All-Conference Team is officially here. 

The MVFC All-Conference team of 63 players represents 11 of the 12 teams in the conference. South Dakota State leads the conference with 15 all-conference selections, including 10 first-team selections. Northern Iowa and North Dakota State have the second-most selections with 10 All-Conference selections each.

2023 Preseason MVFC All-Conference Team

First Team Offense:

QB: Mark Gronowski (South Dakota State)

RB: Isaiah Davis (South Dakota State)

RB: TaMerik Williams (North Dakota State)

WR: Jaxon Janke (South Dakota State)

WR: Bryce Oliver (Youngstown State)

WR: Bo Belquist (North Dakota)

WR: Jadon Janke (South Dakota State)

TE: Zach Heins (South Dakota State)

OL: Mason McCormick (South Dakota State)

OL: Garrett Greenfield (South Dakota State)

OL: Jalen Sundell (North Dakota State)

OL: Jaison Williams (Youngstown State)

OL: Jake Kubas (North Dakota State)

First Team Defense:

DL: Eli Mostaert (North Dakota State)

DL: Khristian Boyd (Northern Iowa)

DL: Ben McNaboe (North Dakota)

DL: Dylan Wudke (Youngstown State)

LB: Adam Bock (South Dakota State)

LB: Stephen Hillis (South Dakota)

LB: Jason Freeman (South Dakota State)

LB: Brock Mogensen (South Dakota)

DB: DyShawn Gales (South Dakota State)

DB: Myles Harden (South Dakota)

DB: Woo Governor (Northern Iowa)

DB: C.J. Siegel (North Dakota)

DB: PJ Jules (Southern Illinois)

DB: Rylan Cole (Indiana State)

First Team Special Teams:

K: Matthew Cook (Northern Iowa)

P: Grant Burkett (Missouri State)

KR: C.J. Siegel (North Dakota)

PR: Jayden Price (North Dakota State)


Second Team Offense:

QB: Theo Day (Northern Iowa)

RB: Justin Dinka (Illinois State)

RB: Jacardia Wright (Missouri State)

RB: Amar Johnson (South Dakota State)

WR: D’Ante’ Cox (Southern Illinois)

WR: Zach Mathis (North Dakota State)

WR: Sergio Morancy (Northern Iowa)

WR: Wesley Eliodor (North Dakota)

TE: Alex Allen (Northern Iowa)

OL: Donny Ventrelli (North Dakota)

OL: Jared Penning (Northern Iowa)

OL: Eason Kilty (North Dakota)

OL: Isaac Erbes (South Dakota)

OL: Aidan Parker (Youngstown State)

Second Team Defense:

DL: Chris Fitzgerald (Youngstown State)

DL: Will Mostaert (North Dakota State)

DL: Ryan Van Marel (South Dakota State)

DL: Cordarrius Bailey (Northern Iowa)

LB: Juan DelaCruz (Western Illinois)

LB: Branson Combs (Southern Illinois)

LB: Isaiah Stalbird (South Dakota State)

LB: Geoffrey Brown (Indiana State)

LB: Nick Kubitz (North Dakota State)

DB: Quincy Lenton (Youngstown State)

DB: Dalys Beanum (South Dakota State)

DB: JJ Ross (Western Illinois)

DB: Jayden Price (North Dakota State)

DB: Edwin Dearman (Northern Iowa)

DB: Dillon Gearhart (Illinois State)

Second Team Special Teams:

K: Griffin Crosa (North Dakota State)

P: Noah Pettinger (Northern Iowa)

KR: Wesley Eliodor (North Dakota)

PR: Jadon Janke (South Dakota State)

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