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The Bluebloods 2022 WAC All-Conference Team

The Bluebloods 2022 WAC All-Conference Team is officially here. The 56-player WAC All-Conference team has a representative from each school in the conference. Stephen F. Austin leads the conference with 13 All-Conference selections each, while Southern Utah has the second most selections with 11 All-Conference selections.

2022 WAC All-Conference Team

Offensive Player of the Year: Joey Hobert (Utah Tech; WR)

Defensive Player of the Year: Kavian Gaither (Sam Houston State; LB)

1st Team Offense:

QB: Trae Self (Stephen F. Austin; Sr.)

RB: Quali Conely (Utah Tech; So.)

RB: Derrel Kelley III (Tarleton; So.)

WR: Xavier Gipson (Stephen F. Austin; Sr.)

WR: Joey Hobert (Utah Tech; So.)

WR: Darius Cooper (Tarleton; So.)

TE: Mata’ava Ta’ase (Southern Utah; So.)

OL: Reese Moore (Abilene Christian; So.)

OL: Blake Haynes (Tarleton; Jr.)

OL: Christy Nkanu (Southern Utah; Jr.)

OL: Justice Guillory (Stephen F. Austin; Jr.)

OL: Lyle Santos (Southern Utah; So.)

1st Team Defense:

DL: Tyrin Bradley (Abilene Christian; So.)

DL: Syrus Webster (Utah Tech; So.)

DL: Francis Bemiy (Southern Utah; Sr.)

DL: William Morgan (Abilene Christian; Jr.)

LB: Kavian Gaither (Sam Houston State; So.)

LB: Kohner Cullimore (Southern Utah; Fr.)

LB: Will Leota (Utah Tech; So.)

LB: Qua’Shawn Washington (Tarleton; Sr.)

DB: Rodrick Ward (Southern Utah; Jr.)

DB: Donovan Banks (Tarleton; Sr.)

DB: Tyrell Grayson (Utah Tech; So.)

DB: Elijah Moffett (Abilene Christian; So.)

DB: Myles Heard (Stephen F. Austin; Sr.)

1st Team Special Teams:

K: Chris Campos (Stephen F. Austin; So.)

P: Jake Gerardi (Southern Utah; Sr.)

RS: Xavier Gipson (Stephen F. Austin; Sr.)

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2nd Team Offense:

QB: Justin Miller (Southern Utah; Jr.)

RB: Jeremiah Dobbins (Abilene Christian; So.)

RB: Miles Reed (Stephen F. Austin; Sr.)

WR: Kobe Clark (Abilene Christian; Sr.)

WR: Jaden Smith (Tarleton; Jr.)

WR: Isaiah Wooden (Southern Utah; Jr.)

TE: Chad Aune (Stephen F. Austin; Sr.)

OL: Dillon Brooks (Tarleton; So.)

OL: Kendall Dearth (Tarleton; Sr.)

OL: Jacob Thielen (Abilene Christian; So.)

OL: Alex Foster (Utah Tech; Fr.)

OL: Clint Lapic (Stephen F. Austin; Sr.)

2nd Team Defense:

DL: Toby Ndukwe (Sam Houston State; Gr.)

DL: BJ Thompson (Stephen F. Austin; Sr.)

DL: Ellison Hubbard (Sam Houston State; Gr.)

DL: Marje Smith (Stephen F. Austin; Sr.)

LB: Patrick Jones (Tarleton; Jr.)

LB: Malaki Malaki (Utah Tech; Sr.)

LB: Aubrey Nellems (Southern Utah; Jr.)

LB: Jermaine Brown (Stephen F. Austin; So.)

DB: Davin Wilson (Southern Utah; So.)

DB: BJ Foster (Sam Houston State; Gr.)

DB: Patrick Jolly (Abilene Christian; Jr.)

DB: Bruce Harmon (Stephen F. Austin; So.)

DB: Darrius Nash (Utah Tech; Sr.)

2nd Team Special Teams:

K: Connor Brooksby (Utah Tech; So.)

P: Andrew Day (Utah Tech; So.)

RS: Davion Johnson (Abilene Christian; Jr.)

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