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The Bluebloods 2022 Southland All-Conference Team

The Bluebloods 2022 Southland All-Conference Team is officially here. The 58-player Southland All-Conference team has a representative from each school in the conference. Incarnate Word leads the conference with 16 All-Conference selections, while Southeastern Louisiana has the second most selections with 12 All-Conference selections.

2022 Southland All-Conference Team

Offensive Player of the Year: Lindsey Scott Jr. (Incarnate Word; QB)

Defensive Player of the Year: Rodney Dansby (Houston Christian; LB)

1st Team Offense:

QB: Lindsey Scott Jr. (Incarnate Word; Gr.)

RB: Deonta McMahon (McNeese State; Sr.)

RB: Marcus Cooper (Incarnate Word; Gr.)

RB: Carlos Washington Jr. (Southeastern Louisiana; Sr.)

WR: Andrew Armstrong (Texas A&M-Commerce; So.)

WR: Taylor Grimes (Incarnate Word; Sr.)

WR: Darion Chafin (Incarnate Word; Gr.)

TE: Ivan Drobocky (Southeastern Louisiana; So.)

OL: Nash Jones (Incarnate Word; Jr.)

OL: John Allen (Southeastern Louisiana; Jr.)

OL: Reid Francis (Incarnate Word; Sr.)

OL: Evan Roussel (Nicholls State; So.)

OL: Jimeto Obigbo (Incarnate Word; So.)

1st Team Defense:

DL: Jalyx Hunt (Houston Christian; Jr.)

DL: Chris Whittaker (Incarnate Word; Gr.)

DL: Celestin Haba (Texas A&M-Commerce; Sr.)

DL: Steven Parker (Incarnate Word; Sr.)

LB: Rodney Dansby (Houston Christian; So.)

LB: Kordell Williams (McNeese State; Sr.)

LB: Kelechi Anyalebechi (Incarnate Word; Gr.)

LB: Tyler Jackson (Lamar; Jr.)

DB: D’Ante Smith (Texas A&M-Commerce; Sr.)

DB: Coi Miller (Houston Christian; Sr.)

DB: Donte Thompson (Incarnate Word; Jr.)

DB: Zy Alexander (Southeastern Louisiana; So.)

DB: Kaleb Culp (Incarnate Word; Jr.)

DB: Jack Henderson (Southeastern Louisiana; So.)

1st Team Special Teams:

K: Riley Callaghan (Southeastern Louisiana; Fr.)

P: Austin Dunlap (Southeastern Louisiana; Jr.)

RS: Gage Larvadain (Southeastern Louisiana; So.)


2nd Team Offense:

QB: Zachary Clement (Northwestern State; So.)

RB: Julien Gums (Nicholls State; Sr.)

RB: Khalan Griffin (Lamar; So.)

WR: Zach Patterson (Northwestern State; Jr.)

WR: Gage Larvadain (Southeastern Louisiana; So.)

WR: Javon Antonio (Northwestern State; Jr.)

TE: Travon Jones (Northwestern State; Fr.)

OL: Cole Leclair (McNeese State; So.)

OL: Dom Serapiglia III (Southeastern Louisiana; So.)

OL: Rehoboth Chibesa (Texas A&M-Commerce; Sr.)

OL: Jacob Bayer (Lamar; So.)

OL: Stanley Mark (Incarnate Word; Sr.)

2nd Team Defense:

DL: Masry Mapieu (McNeese State; Sr.)

DL: Perry Ganci (Nicholls State; Jr.)

DL: Isaiah Longino (Northwestern State; Sr.)

DL: Cameron Preston (Incarnate Word; Gr.)

LB: Jared Pedraza (Northwestern State; So.)

LB: Donté Daniels (Southeastern Louisiana; So.)

LB: Dee Walker (Texas A&M-Commerce; Sr.)

LB: Eli Ennis (Nicholls State; Fr.)

DB: Ferlando Jordan (Southeastern Louisiana; Sr.)

DB: PJ Herrington (Northwestern State; Sr.)

DB: Tyler Barnes (McNeese State; Sr.)

DB: Elliott Davidson (Incarnate Word; Jr.)

DB: William Hooper (Northwestern State; Sr.)

2nd Team Special Teams:

K: Garrison Smith (McNeese State; Fr.)

P: Brady Buell (Houston Christian; Sr.)

RS: Kole Wilson (Incarnate Word; Fr.)

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