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The Bluebloods 2022 FCS All-Freshman Team

The Bluebloods 2022 FCS All-Freshman is officially here. The inaugural Bluebloods FCS All-Freshman team includes 28 freshman standouts from across the country and includes a representative from 12 of the 15 FCS conferences. To be eligible for the All-Freshman Team, players must be in their first or second academic year and cannot have participated in four or more games in the previous academic year. 

The Bluebloods FCS All-Freshman Team


QB: Gevani McCoy (Idaho)

QB: Reese Poffenbarger (UAlbany)

RB: Desmond Reid (Western Carolina)

RB: Joshua Pitsenberger (Yale)

RB: Ryan Butler (Princeton)

WR: Seth Anderson (Charleston Southern)

WR: Makai Jackson (Saint Francis U)

WR: Elijah Sarratt (Saint Francis U)

TE: Josh Cuevas (Cal Poly)

OL: Nathan Mejia (Sacramento State)

OL: Kyler Herring (Davidson)

OL: Omar Aigbedion (Montana State)


DL: Eric O’Neill (Long Island)

DL: Finn Claypool (Drake)

DL: Ckelby Givens (Southern)

DL: Jacoby Brass (Houston Christian)

DL: Kenneth Eiden IV (Montana State)

LB: Kohner Cullimore (Southern Utah)

LB: Mason Woods (Towson)

LB: Micah Davey (McNeese State)

DB: Wedner Cadet (Georgetown)

DB: Rex Connors (UC Davis)

DB: Adrian Maddox (Alabama State)

DB: Eli Ennis (Nicholls State)

DB: Fred Perry (Jacksonville State)

DB: Myles Rowser (Campbell)


P: Patrick Rohrbach (Montana)

AP: Travis Hunter (Jackson State)

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4 thoughts on “The Bluebloods 2022 FCS All-Freshman Team

  1. Blue, please tell me you had Jalen Jones (William & Mary) in your consideration? What was your determining factor in putting Rowser in over Jones? If we removed the names and simply looked at the stats, the nod leans Jones. Rowser has a big edge in tackling (44 to 19). However, in two important DB stats (INT and BRK), Jones wins 4 to 1 and 7 to 1, with one of those INTs going to the house.

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