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The Bluebloods 2023 Preseason Southland All-Conference Team

The Bluebloods 2023 Preseason Southland All-Conference Team is officially here. 

The Southland All-Conference team of 62 players represents all eight teams in the conference. Southeastern Louisiana leads the conference with 17 all-conference selections, including 10 first-team selections. Incarnate Word and Nicholls State had the second-most all-conference selections with 11 players each.

2023 Preseason Southland All-Conference Team

First Team Offense:

QB: Zachary Clement (Southeastern Louisiana)

RB: Khalan Griffin (Lamar)

RB: Collin Guggenheim (Nicholls State)

WR: Zach Patterson (Northwestern State)

WR: Karl Reynolds (Houston Christian)

WR: Brandon Porter (Incarnate Word)

TE: Ivan Drobocky (Southeastern Louisiana)

OL: John Allen (Southeastern Louisiana)

OL: Evan Roussel (Nicholls State)

OL: Jalen Bell (Southeastern Louisiana)

OL: Cole LeClair (McNeese State)

OL: Jhy Orgeron (Southeastern Louisiana)

OL: Stanley Mark (Incarnate Word)

First Team Defense:

DL: Jalyx Hunt (Houston Christian)

DL: Steven Parker (Incarnate Word)

DL: Perry Ganci (Nicholls State)

DL: Arlen Williams (Southeastern Louisiana)

LB: Rodney Dansby (Houston Christian)

LB: Eli Ennis (Nicholls State)

LB: Donte’ Daniels (Southeastern Louisiana)

LB: Jared Pedraza (Northwestern State)

DB: Devion Hargrove (Houston Christian) 

DB: Brandon Richard (Incarnate Word)

DB: Tyler Morton (Nicholls State)

DB: Daryion Taylor (Texas A&M-Commerce)

DB: Jordan Jackson (Nicholls State)

First Team Special Teams:

K: Riley Callaghan (Southeastern Louisiana)

P: Austin Dunlap (Southeastern Louisiana)

KR: Jaylon Spears (Nicholls State)

PR: Darius Lewis (Southeastern Louisiana)


Second Team Offense:

QB: Eli Sawyer (Southeastern Louisiana)

RB: Reggie Branch (Texas A&M-Commerce)

RB: Jarrell Wiley (Incarnate Word)

RB: Rodeo Graham Jr. (Southeastern Louisiana)

WR: CJ Hardy (Incarnate Word)

WR: Maurice Massey (Southeastern Louisiana)

WR: Jaelin Campbell (Incarnate Word)

WR: Sevonne Rhea (Lamar)

TE: Travon Jones (Northwestern State)

OL: Christian Hood (Houston Christian)

OL: Mark Barthelemy (Nicholls State)

OL: Brockhim Wicks (Southeastern Louisiana)

OL: Jadin Jones (Texas A&M-Commerce)

OL: McKenzie Agnello (Texas A&M-Commerce)

Second Team Defense:

DL: Marcus Brown (Incarnate Word)

DL: Leon Young (Texas A&M-Commerce)

DL: Garrett Crawford (Southeastern Louisiana)

DL: Zae Smith (Houston Christian)

LB: Kylin White (Nicholls State)

LB: Herman Christophe IV (Southeastern Louisiana)

LB: Ayodele Adeoye (Incarnate Word)

LB: Micah Davey (McNeese State)

LB: Ricky Rich (Incarnate Word)

DB: Max Epps (Texas A&M-Commerce)

DB: Kevin Davis Jr. (Northwestern State)

DB: Ramond Stevens (Lamar)

DB: Markell Linzer (Southeastern Louisiana)

DB: Kristian Pugh (Lamar)

Second Team Special Teams:

K: Garrison Smith (McNeese State)

P: Kylan Dupre (Nicholls State)

KR: Sean Krystoff-King (Texas A&M-Commerce)

PR: Dekalon Taylor (Incarnate Word)

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