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The Bluebloods 2022 Big South All-Conference Team

The Bluebloods 2022 Big South All-Conference Team is officially here. The 58-player Big South All-Conference team has a representative from each school in the conference. Gardner-Webb and North Carolina A&T lead the conference with 13 All-Conference selections each, while Campbell has the second most selections with 11 All-Conference selections.

2022 Big South All-Conference Team

Offensive Player of the Year: Bhayshul Tuten (North Carolina A&T; RB)

Defensive Player of the Year: Joe Andreessen (Bryant; LB)

1st Team Offense:

QB: Zevi Eckhaus (Bryant; So.)

RB: Bhayshul Tuten (North Carolina A&T; So.)

RB: Narii Gaither (Gardner-Webb; Jr.)

WR: TJ Luther (Gardner-Webb; Sr.)

WR: Landon Ruggieri (Bryant; So.)

WR: Cutrell Haywood (Gardner-Webb; Gr.)

TE: Julian Hill (Campbell; Sr.)

OL: Cesar Minarro (North Carolina A&T; So.)

OL: Clayton Frady (Gardner-Webb; Jr.)

OL: Tairiq Stewart (North Carolina A&T; Sr.)

OL: Mike Edwards (Campbell; Sr.)

OL: Dacquari Wilson (North Carolina A&T; Gr.)

1st Team Defense:

DL: Ty French (Gardner-Webb; Jr.)

DL: Kenny Dyson Jr. (Bryant; Sr.)

DL: Josh Johnson (Campbell; Sr.)

DL: Devin Harrell (North Carolina A&T; Gr.)

LB: Joe Andreessen (Bryant; Sr.)

LB: Garrett Sayegh (Charleston Southern; Gr.)

LB: Tyquan King (North Carolina A&T; So.)

LB: William McRainey (Gardner-Webb; Jr.)

DB: Karon Prunty (North Carolina A&T; So.)

DB: Raquan Ousley (Gardner-Webb; So.)

DB: Kamron Smith (Charleston Southern; So.)

DB: Jamari Brown (Gardner-Webb; Sr.)

DB: Hombre Kennedy (Charleston Southern; Gr.)

1st Team Special Teams:

K: Ethan Gettman (Bryant; So.)

P: David Gelb (Charleston Southern; Gr.)

RS: Anthony Frederick (Bryant; Sr.)


2nd Team Offense:

QB: Bailey Fisher (Gardner-Webb; Sr.)

RB: Bryant Barr (Campbell; Gr.)

RB: JD Moore (Charleston Southern; So.)

WR: Zachary Leslie (North Carolina A&T; Gr.)

WR: Seth Anderson (Charleston Southern; Fr.)

WR: Anthony Frederick (Bryant; Sr.)

TE: Jihad Edmond (Bryant; Sr.)

OL: Larry Dowdy (Gardner-Webb; Jr.)

OL: Isaiah Burch (Campbell; Gr.)

OL: Jamichael Watts (Bryant; Sr.)

OL: Korion Sharpe (North Carolina A&T; So.)

OL: Gabe Thompson (Gardner-Webb; Jr.)

2nd Team Defense:

DL: Jermaine McDaniel Jr. (North Carolina A&T; Sr.)

DL: Brevin Allen (Campbell; Sr.)

DL: Shomari Wallace (North Carolina A&T; Sr.)

DL: Anton Williams (Charleston Southern; Gr.)

DL: Janathian Turner (Gardner-Webb; Sr.)

LB: Jacob Roberts (North Carolina A&T; Jr.)

LB: CJ Tillman (Campbell; So.)

LB: Ryan Saddler (Bryant; Sr.)

LB: Joe Casale (Robert Morris; Jr.)

DB: Jamel Johnson (Charleston Southern; Fr.)

DB: AJ Thomas (Gardner-Webb; Sr.)

DB: Sydney Audiger (Robert Morris; Gr.)

DB: Myles Rowser (Campbell; Fr.)

DB: Jonathan Jones (Campbell; Sr.)

2nd Team Special Teams:

K: Caleb Dowden (Campbell; Gr.)

P: Corey Petersen (Campbell; Gr.)

RS: Taymon Cooke (North Carolina A&T; Jr.)

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